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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Baby is kicking

At 10:06am today, I felt some "glup glup" sensation in my tummy. I was having my department's monthly meeting and I really thought aku nak terkentut, but the gas is nowhere near or towards where it should come out..thihihi..actually last night I had a dream that the baby is kicking like mad sampai leh nampak kaki die terjojol dr perut aku k, scary!

...then rase lagi! texted Cherpy "I think I just felt it kicking or swimming"...Texted mak pulak...then called mak, asked her how should it feels. Told her that im in my 20th weeks and this saturday marked my midpoint of my pregnancy, mak said " aaa diaa la tu!"

Alhamdulillah am so excited, been feeling the glup glup sensation eversince that 1st sensation..told myself, that's it. nak tulis blog jugakkkkk!!!Here are my attempt to start a blog:
  1. since nak kawen, konon nak record the journey = failed!
  2. after kawen, konon nak record the entire journey of our marriage and the after marriage and the honeymoon = failed!
  3. the moment i knew im pregnant, in my 5 weeks of gestation = failed!
  4. thought, maybe i should start once i've completed my 3rd months, sbb org kate lepas 3rd months baru leh kecoh kecoh kan = failed!!!!!
Actually I guilty conscience, buat kerje kemain pemalas, report nak tulis satu ayat pun bercinta, nak tulis blog, rajin lak kan?...but since I'm excited for its first kick, persetankan kekangan kerja itu, let's start a blog!!!

happy lah! rase mcm ade bestfriend with me all the time. so lepas ni Cherpy nak pi outstation lame lame, nak camping kat office ke, nak tidur kat highway ke...tak kesah daaaa, sebab ibu ade Mini Cherpy(MC) kicking and swimming in my tummy tuk temankan ibu all the time, kan MC kann??

Ibu wevs yu~~


  1. hai fira..
    buat blog to record ur pregnancy experience yer. bagusla..bole jadi kenangan nanti.hehe. dont forget to put some photos also.
    good luck n happy blogging!

  2. aaa, tulah, nanti ade photo yang relevant i'll upload.. for the debut post, takkan nak letak gambar my perut yang buruk ni kan..haha